CAR Viitorul Calan IFN


The credit union offers the following types of loans:

  • Traditional loans (which depend on the size of member’s share account):,l3 to 5 times the accumulated share account, Supplemental loans, Capitalization loans
  • Diversified loans (depend strictly on member’s creditworthiness) Emergency loans (for a period of 1 to 4 weeks), Short and Mid-Term loans (for a period of 3 to 60 months).
  • Promotional loans (for Easter and Christmas), Loans for cars, Loans for agriculture, Loans for constructions

Loans are granted in the shortest time, or in the same day by paying an emergency fee.

Focusing on the social side of our activity, CAR Calan IFN grants different types of aids, for happy occasions like marriage or childbirth, and also for sad moments like hospitalization or death of our members.

A new direction we decided to follow was attracting future members to our "Viitorul" fund, where our members can make economies for their children.


CAR „VIITORUL” Călan Viitorul Calan Credit Union was founded in 1870 when first cast iron foundry of Victoria Calan plant was put into operation. In that period the credit union was known as “brotherly chest”, a name that strongly suggested the mutual help of its members.

Under western influence, in Transylvania mutual help associations have been formed even since 18th century, following guild models. Guild members formed a helping fund from which illness, death or occasional aids were paid. The starting point of associative movement was the creation of mutual help associations which, for many decades, have been one of the few ways the less wealthy part of population could commonly manage their savings.

The credit union of Calan managed to last throughout the numerous difficulties that tormented the society during its existence. The two world wars, followed by the communist process of nationalization were, by far, the greatest sources of poverty and unemployment. The credit union was reorganized and turned into a service of Victoria Calan Factory’s Union, having 500 members.

In 1973 significant changes in credit union’s structure occurred, as its members grew considerably. Its name was modified from Victoria Calan Factory’s Credit Union into Victoria Calan Company’s Credit Union. In 1981, when Victoria Company became a compound, credit union’s name changed again: Victoria Compound Credit Union. Its current name, Viitorul Calan Credit Union, dates since 1997, when it detached itself from compound’s history.

The number of people who have signed up as members since 1955 exceeds 19000 persons. Among them, we proudly mention: Sabou Ion – member since Jan 1966, Soceanu Ion – member since Aug 1969, Matache Iolanda – Jun 1971, Poganski Iosif – Aug 1973.


Indicator to 2020-12-31

Nr of members
Social fund
13175 mii lei
Loan granted(amount)
9786 mii lei
Productive assets
15311 mii lei
Number of employee

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CAR Viitorul Calan IFN

Str, Furnalistului nr. 17 335300Calan, Hunedoara

Tel./Fax 0354-805675

Presedinte/President -ec Iovănesc Ildiko

Dir.economic/CFO - ec. Popescu Florina

Agenții/Agencies - Agentia Orasul nou